366% Increase in Lead Conversion Rate


When done properly, conversion rate optimization has a massive impact on your business. Not only do you reap the benefits of more conversions, but this also allows a business to invest more into advertising campaigns which were once out of budget.

Today, we’re going to show you how we increased website leads by 366% and phone leads by 161%.

The Client

Sober Solutions is a service provided by the nation’s leading drug and alcohol intervention services providers, Intervention Services, Inc. The goal of Sober Solutions is to help place people struggling with addictions in the best substance abuse program.

Sober Solutions is in a competitive market where paid search requires very high bids per click. When paying so much just to acquire visitors, they must have a website that can convert those visitors at a high rate. 

The Plan

To increase profits, we were hired to improve usability and conversion rates.  After reviewing their website, it was apparent that the Sober Solutions website could have higher conversion rates by improving usability, layout and design elements.

Our process identifies issues and opportunities after an in depth website and data audit. We then design detailed mockups and plans to improve the website.

The Results

After implementing our changes, we saw a 133% increase in organic traffic and 366% increase on website form leads and 161% phone leads.

Let’s breakdown each step.

Website Layout and UX

First and foremost, the site needed to be more personal and have a cleaner layout that was easier to navigate. In addition, having a clear call to actions (CTA) was a must.

We start with what some would call a small change, but it has proven to make a positive impact. A gallery of photos was added to the top of all pages that included people who looked free and happy to present a positive emotion to visitors. This is the ultimate goal of the service.

Next, we added a clear call to action (CTA) above the fold on almost all of the pages (more than a thousand). To give visitors more flexibility over how they want to engage with Sober Solutions, we presented them with two options – fill out the form or call for immediate help.

Lastly, from our research, we saw that people who engage with content had a much lower bounce rate, and higher conversion rates, but the content was not organized well. Some content did not help close the sale while other content did.  We brought better content into the navigation bar making it easier to find and select the top content.


Increased Conversions

We know that visitors to the website have different needs. Some want more information about the programs and others need to talk to someone immediately.

This is why we made drastic changes to the homepage with a clear and noticeable call to action that let the visitor choose their path. What’s more important is that we kept the same prominent call to action across almost every pages on the entire site. This consistency allows users to easily submit the form or call when they’re ready, without any confusion.

We have two main conversions on the site:

  1. Form Submissions
  2. First Time Caller

Both of which saw a sharp increase in conversion rate after we implemented our changes.

Form submissions saw a hearty 366% increase in conversion rate.

First time callers saw a 161% increase in conversion rate.



By implementing an improved website layout and UX, we instantly saw an increase in website conversion rate. 

These results are not uncommon for us. Our conversion rate optimization services have generated amazing results for our clients. We take the extra steps needed to help your business grow.

Businesses of all kinds have see similar growth rates with our services..

  • 449% Increase in Google Shopping Sales
  • 193% Increase in Adwords Sales
  • 426% Increase in Adwords Sales
  • 68% Increase in Phone Sales
  • 841% Higher ROAS
  • 494% Increase in Google Shopping Sales

We can help increase your conversion rates!

Contact us, You Won’t Regret It.




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