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We will find out why campaigns are not converting. Experts analyze campaigns every day by hand to discover what really going on optimizations are made to generate more revenue at a higher ROAS.


Now Target Keywords in Google Shopping!

Not Possible? Think Again! With 12+ years of experience managing PPC accounts, we have generated amazing results for our clients by pushing the boundaries The latest boundary that we pushed is doing the impossible… Targeting Keywords in Google Shopping.


Precise Product Groupings (PPG)

Assign the right bid to every product and keyword

Prodigal Solutions takes the time to understand your business, goals, and KPI’s to develop Precise Product Groupings. Precise Product Groupings is a way we structure Google Shopping campaigns for ultimate sales and ROAS.

Allows for a specific bid for each product
Automate optimization on a product level.
Control the keyword bidding for each product using our Product Keyword Targeting.


We Generate Amazing Results

We generate higher ROAS and Higher Sales for some of the fastest gowing companies. These are the results from multi-million dollar retailers after we optimize their marketing campaigns…

  • 449% Increase in Google Shopping Sales
  • 193% Increase in Adwords Sales
  • 426% Increase in Adwords Sales
  • 68% Increase in Phone Sales
  • 841% Higher ROAS
  • 494% Increase in Google Shopping Sales

No Long Term Contracts!

Our Capabilities

  • Google Ads Management
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Bing Ads Management
  • Google Shopping Optimization
  • Display Ads
  • Omni-Channel Strategy
  • Advanced Analytics & Attribution
  • Comprehensive KPIs & Reporting
  • Advanced Targeting & Segmentation
  • And more

What You Get

  • Attention… Lots of Attention.
  • Highly skilled specialists. You will work directly with high end talent.
  • Full Data Analysis of Adwords and Analytics
  • Detailed structure of your Campaigns and Ad Groups
  • Increase Quality Score to lower Cost Per Click.
  • A/B testing of Ad Copy to improve KPIs.
  • Negative Keyword management to eliminate waste.
  • Advanced Tracking of multiple KPI’s to better track ROI.
  • Google Product Feed optimization.
  • And more optimizations highly focused on ROAS.

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