We generated $4000 per day from Google Display selling a physical product

Are you relying on Facebook to generate most of your sales? Do not overlook the Google Display Network. It is the largest ad network with the best user targeting.

Access our “Guide to Scale Google Display” to learn how we increased sales from $0 to an average of $4,000 per day.

We started in November 2018. We built small campaigns in Google Display to gather data. After two months, we found a few high-performing audiences. We focused on those as we scaled and explored related audiences. Now, after roughly five months, we are generating around $4,000 per day in sales, on average.

Guide to Scale Google Display

Developing large-scale Google Display campaigns is a challenge. Access the guide to learn:

  • How we targeted high-converting audiences that can scale.
  • How to create a solid offer.
  • 4 rules for high performing ads.