With 12+ years of experience managing PPC accounts, we have generated amazing results for our clients by developing new solutions to generate more sales and higher ROAS.

Targeting Keywords in Google Shopping.

Not Possible? Think again!

Limitations in Google Shopping

You can’t target keywords in Google Shopping. You can bid on products, but not keywords. This prevents you from directly promoting your products for the best keywords. If you increase the bid for a top selling product, you will generate traffic from many different keywords that don’t convert well. This makes it difficult to profitably rank for the best keywords.

PKT Solution (Product Keyword Targeting)

We developed a solution to help our clients target exact keywords or phrases in Google Shopping. For example, we can take a product and bid very high for the best converting keywords for that product and then bid lower on other keywords.

This really is a powerful solution that your competitors are not using. How do we know? We have reviewed hundreds of Adwords accounts for companies, including some of the largest retailers. This solution is not being used.

This solution will allow you to out-bid competitors for only the best keywords in Google Shopping so you can increase your ROAS while increasing sales. When your competitors try to increase the bid for a product to catch up, Google Shopping will naturally bring in more wasteful traffic from other related keywords and your competitors lose more money.

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Below are the results for three clients. These numbers are only the improvements across all of their Google Shopping campaigns after we implemented our Keyword Targeting solution and optimized the campaigns.



Higher Sales


Additional Revenue



Higher Sales


Additional Revenue



Higher Sales


Additional Revenue

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