Case Study: YouTube Ads

CPA Decreased From $983 To Only $103

One of our clients spends between $200,000 to $300,000 per month for Facebook Ads. They mainly use video ads in Facebook which do very well, but they have been unsuccessful using the same videos for YouTube Ads.

They hired us to build a video campaign for YouTube using one of their successful videos from Facebook to see if we can get better results. We launched this first YouTube ad campaign and the results were not good…

First 9 Days

2 Sales. $1967 Cost / Conversion

The audience was right, the product is good, the landing page has converted great for other channels and the view rates were not that bad…

So why only 2 sales after $1967 in spend?

Following 9 Days

98 Sales. $103 Cost / Conversion!

We used our client’s old video footage and edited that footage to make a video tailor made for YouTube. Changing the video to something that works for YouTube makes a huge difference.

This was the same audience but different video.

The video engagement numbers were slightly better, but not much better. So why did this ad sell so much better?

Why did this ad perform better?

The audience was the same. The only difference was the video ad. The video ad is extremely important and there are 3 important rules that we follow which generate great results with YouTube ads.

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