the Strategist.

Who is Joe Vlcek?

I have been an online entrepreneur since 1999. In 2010, I started the digital marketing agency, Prodigal Solutions, to help companies scale. Now, rather than manage a large agency, I have downsized so I can work one-on-one with clients as a Marketing Strategist.

I develop marketing strategies to scale revenue as a fractional CMO and consultant. I also directly manage large million-dollar ad budgets using Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook Ads and more.

the Results.


Increase in Sales

By eliminating large, ineffective branding campaigns to focus on a multi-channel strategy with Google Shopping as the main prospecting channel we increased overall revenue by over $14 million.


Video Ad Views

Generated over 3.3 million video videos in just a few months for an ecommerce company. The campaigns generated a positive ROI with hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.


Increase in Leads

Using Google Display Ads as the main source of new visitors for a B2B company, I increase leads from 80 leads per month to over 400 leads per month.



Increase in Sales

Using Google Shopping as the main marketing channel, I generated over $4,000,000 additional sales. The total sales growth originated from Google Shopping and not from additional branding or social.


Better CPA with Video

Video advertising has massive potential, but many companies can’t scale due to poor video ads. I helped produce a new video which decreased from over $1000 to just $101 CPA allowing us to scale a multi-million dollar video campaign.

$0 to $2M

1 Year Old B2B Startup

Using our multi-channel marketing strategy, I helped a B2B startup generate $250,000 in monthly revenue within their first 12 months of business. Now they have some of the largest brands in the world as customers.



Increase in Sales

I doubled sales for a client, but they decided to move on to one of the largest marketing agencies. Their sales dropped by 56%! They hired me again and we moved back to our strategy and grew sales by 426%! This company has been with me for a decade now!


Increase in Sales

Total sales increased by 729% by implementing a marketing strategy focusing on Google Shopping as the main prospecting channel. This generated millions in additional revenue. The total sales growth originated from Google Ads and not from additional branding or social.


Increase in 2 Months

I was hired to improve sales for Axel Glade. After just two months of optimizing campaigns and creative assets, revenue increased 67%.

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the Clients.

Just a few companies I have worked with…

hybrid Marketer.

I am analytical to understand the needles.

I am creative to move the needles.

Most of my time is spent analyzing data and competitors to get an edge. Being data driven is very important, but understanding data is not enough. If campaigns are underperforming, creative is usually the reason. Working with teams to develop creative assets that will actually move the needle is a big part of what I can provide.

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my Approach.

Fast. Efficient. Data oriented. Creative solutions.

Never worked in a corporate environment. I move fast and am not interested in meetings with glossy reports. I keep meetings short and to the point. Reports are to the point with no fluff.

Plans can change. I adjust plans constantly to meet goals. I am not stubborn and I am not too proud to admit we need to change directions if needed. I make adjustments fast because going down the wrong road too long leads to money wasted and hinders growth.

Meetings will be mostly focused on strategy, your products, your audience, content ideas, etc. I won’t read numbers from a report to you. You can read so we won’t have meetings just so I can read a report to you. That is a waste of both of our time.

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an Agency?

Don’t expect a scalable strategy with agencies.

Marketing agencies are service based. They have an expert for every digital platform and offer a large menu of services, but they don’t have an experienced marketing strategist to develop an overall strategy to scale your revenue while holding all of these experts accountable.

Also, many agencies and freelances outsource your marketing or pass your account to a junior level employee with little experience.

You can’t scale and maintain growth if your “strategy” is trying a new Facebook ad each week and testing audiences.

A strategy is a detailed plan that looks at audiences, messaging, content, the customer journey, which KPI’s lead to future growth, and multi-channel campaigns to scale.

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ads Management.

If you generate at least $1 Million in revenue.

I offer paid ad management for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

Available for companies that already have established ad accounts with a minimum monthly ad budget or $30,000.

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fractional CMO.

If you generated at least $5 Million in revenue.

For over 20 years, I have developed digital marketing strategies to scale revenue as a fractional CMO. I also have extensive experience developing and optimizing ad campaigns for million-dollar ad budgets in Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

I am available as a Fractional CMO for companies with revenue from $5mil to $50mil.

Only 1 spot available.

Will I be a good fit as your fractional CMO? Please schedule a 15 minute intro call.

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they Say.

A few words from my clients.

“Hire my man Joe. Dude’s going to make you money.”
Michael – Founder of Fit Tea


“Hey we are booked so far out right now. Can we throttle down?”
Sam – Owner of Common Ground Tree Service


“Highly experienced and professional. Will definitely hire again for future projects.”
Ayal – Co-Founder of Particle


“Joe is responsive, helpful and plans ahead. I highly recommend working with him”
Wayne – Founder of Xerillion


“Joe was fantastic to work with. Smart. Invested. Delivered thorough and thoughtful work (strategic marketing recommendations for a new business model) that exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend.”
Monica – Founder of GuGuGuru


great to work with and would recommend.”
Brandon – Owner of Zorpro Security


“Knowledgeable and effective ecommerce PPC guy, was able to contribute to growth our topline revenue.”
7 Figure DTC Brand Featured on Shark Tank

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you Are.

Who am I looking to work for?

B2B, DTC or SaaS company.

Your revenue is between $1,000,000 and $50,000,000

If your company fits, a 15 minute intro call could lead to great results.

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let’s Talk.

15 minutes to see if I am a good fit.

See what it is like to work directly with a marketing strategist.