A/B testing “Add To Cart” buttons is rarely worth testing on a retail site. Just be sure you are not making this major mistake with your buttons.



logo is an online retailer of fine jewelry and engagement rings. A large part of their business is selling custom engagement rings. Customers can choose from thousands of settings and stones to build their own engagement ring.

We have been working with Allurez for the last year on AdWords Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization. We want to share the results from our most recent A/B Split Test result using Optimizely.



We have been working with Allurez for over 2 years. We have been providing AdWords Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization services. This case study shoes an A/B test that we ran as part of our Conversion Rate Optimization services.


After working with Allurez for a while, we wanted to get some fresh insight. We wanted to literally stand behind people as they browsed the site. You don’t need to pay a lot of money to get this kind of user feedback. We simply went to a local mall and asked people to browse the site.

We noticed they were getting confused on the pages where they had to build an engagement ring. One girl become very confused and asked “Where do I choose the diamond?”



You can see the confusion. Visitors actually needed to click the “Add to Bag” button to choose the setting. Visitors think “Add to Bag” means they are ready to add it to the cart. The problem is they were not done choosing that product. They still needed to choose a diamond.

One girl spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to add a diamond before we had to show her how. Clicking on the “Add to Bag” button would drop down a hidden menu which had the option “Choose a Diamond for this Setting”.

The action that needed to be taken by visitors was hidden!



Before we go down the boring path of “testing buttons”, I want make it clear that we almost never test “Add to Cart” buttons. If you have a retail site with a basic “Add to Cart” button, then changing the color or trying to get creative with the text is a waste of time… unless the button is difficult to see! Make a button that matches your branding, and go with that. There are better things to test.

The unique issue we had is this should not be an Add to Cart button since the product is not ready to add to the cart! We set up a simple button test to solve this issue. This was the new text that we decided on which was a/b tested by Optimizely…




After a month of data, clicks to the new button was 19% higher and sales were 27% higher. 


Increase in Add to Cart Button Clicks

Increase in Button Clicks

Increase in Sales

Increase in Sales

Our goal was not to increase initial sales since typically engagement ring sales are not quick sales. We never thought this change would have any impact on sales right away. We just wanted customers to understand where they can add a diamond for their engagement ring. Though, for every test, we always track sales to see how our changes impact sales.

In this test, sales were up 27.8%. Typically a change in button text would not generate these kind of results, but this was a unique case where the button was causing major confusion.


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