Why work with a firm that has hundreds of clients and a massive sales team?

Prodigal Solutions is a full service consulting firm specialized in maximizing online revenue and profits through Omni-Channel Marketing and Conversion Optimization. Some of the fastest growing eCommerce companies rely on us to handle their PPC, Conversion Rate Optimization and Website Development.

At Prodigal Solutions, we take on few clients so we can focus on growing your business. You will work directly with highly skilled specialists.


“There ain’t no rules around here! We’re trying to accomplish something!”

Thomas Edison (1847-1931) U.S. Inventor

Thomas Edison understood this better than anyone. You can’t have set rules if you want to accomplish something. We don’t offer a cookie cutter process that might now work with your business. Every business is different and we will develop a custom process that works with your business.

Founder & Lead Consultant
Joseph Vlcek: Owner, Founder & Lead Consultant

Joe Vlcek:  Founder & Lead Consultant

I have been an online entrepreneur since 1999. Customer acquisition and conversion rates became an obsession over the years.

In 2010, I started Prodigal Solutions to help companies in 2 main areas, Marketing Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization.

I have found that analytical firms are not very creative, creative firms are not very analytical and developers are usually neither. User Experience, Data Analysis and Marketing Optimization are key to growing an eCommerce business while a solid development team is needed to implement everything correctly. I wanted to build a firm that can be strong in these areas to deliver the best results for clients – and that is what Prodigal Solutions has been doing so some of the fastest growing eCommerce companies.

Our #1 Priority is your ROI. Contact us here so we can discuss how our solutions can increase your revenue and profits.


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